Professional Driving training is better for acquiring licence

In a country like Australia, driving licence is a must. Driving without getting a license is so dangerous. For licence, you have to pass the driving test in very first attempt. It is not so easy to pass driving test in first attempt. So, for learning and getting licence, Sydney is the best option than any other state. There are many reasons for that like, certified and professional trainers, providing car, modified car for training, etc.

Why you should go for a driving school?

No damage to your own car

When you are learning to drive car, the prime thing of worry is of damaging the car. You may worry about the damages of your own car but driving schools in sydney provides car also. So, you can freely learn to drive the car.

Professional Driving training

Special designed car for driving lessons

This car is not like ordinary car but modified one. Special changes have been done in car that are useful to learners to learn the car driving easily. In modified cars, there are additional set of breaks and clutches for trainer that makes the drive fully safe. This facility is not available in your car.

Certified and Expert driving coach

The training will be given by certified and professional trainers. It gives the benefit of experience of trainer to trainee. Good driver may not be good trainer. Professional trainers of driving schools gives best training to trainees. So, you can easily get the learners’ permit.

Well-designed driving lessons

The driving instructors are well experienced and they have an authorized license which is required during training period. They are also providing valuable tips and guidance to trainees for safe driving. It will help them for life long because the driving rules are very strict in the country.

The training environment and on-road scenario is totally different. The trainee should understand this thing. But instructors of driving schools are well trained for this thing. They make you familiar with different on-road situations and also guide you that what to do in different situations. Situations like blind spots on the road, oil patches, various state rules, etc.

Different tests are being conducted by driving schools like, Hazard Perception Test. It will check driving ability of trainee and Hazard Perception handbook is useful book for trainee to pass this test. It contains all related information regarding HPT.

The schools are also offering Manual driving lessons and Skid Pan Driving gives guarantee to pass the test for license, in case of failed in first attempt. Instructors are not charging any extra fees for this facility. Fees are different for different packages, you can select package as per your learning requirement.

Driving lessons

During the training, instructors provide guidance to avoid accidents by studying past real accidents. Majority accidents occur because of the inability of driver to handle the situation. So, instructors provide that type of training by which trainee can learn to handle these situations.

Driving schools provides best and safe environment for trainees and provides valuable knowledge of traffic rules and regulations. So, it is easy to learn car driving in training schools.

Specialized Number plates for gifting

So you wish to give a specialized number plate as a gift to your near and dear one. It may be a case that you wish to give to your dad on his birthday if he is a car savvy or your child, who has just started driving. Then here you are. You need to know few points first like pizza signs, then go for a specialized number plate for a gift.

Number plates that can be specialized can have different fonts, background color, style and numbers on the plate. Whereas in restyled plate, you can get a total new appearance to the existing number plate.

In Personalized plates you can have a new set of number and letter style in the same format.

Custom plate you can create your own content in an open format. For gifting, you can select any option from personalized, custom, specialized or prestige one.

For gifting purpose, what you will need

Though having a number plate for a gift is a gifting purpose, but ultimately it involves a legal matter of number plate, you have to be very much particular in showing all documents. The kind of number plate gifting solution is very much feasible with family members only because of documentation and other proceedings.

· Details of Recipient

· Recipient name, driving licence number, and details of the number plate

· The stylized content of the number plate as per the selection.

· Specify style selection

· Suburb of artarmon post code for pickup

Number plates for gifting

How to order a specialized number plate for gifting

You can visit a service station, call the NSW after gathering all contents and details for getting a number plate. All are correct but in driving lesson driver safety is more important.

Specialized Number plates

Important points

· Number plate should be in the name of the owner of the vehicle (the person who is intended to be gifted with). In this case, there should not be any objection by him or her later on.

· Intimation for collecting number plate can be held in your own name.

· If you fail to give your name then number plate owner has to collect it by self.

· You have to take the old plates with you when you collect the new one.

· If you have ordered a prestige plate then order it well before 6 weeks’ time on the day to be gifted.

· You can always make payment on behalf of the recipient of the number plate.

So anyone can gift a unique number plate to their friends, relative or family in Australia by keeping certain legal things in mind.

Traffic Rules in Australia

Once you are on the road, you need to know the road and traffic rules of Australia. So let us explore and be a good visitor or citizen of Australia.

· If you are getting used to the new location and adjusting to the traffic speed and driving slow, you need to stay left and visit Marrickville.

· On highway, freeway you should drive on the left side only until and unless you are overtaking. There are road signs to guide you always.

· If you are crossing through an intersection or entering an intersection, then drive through the right is the one to take the road first. If they are stopped by a STOP or YIELD sign, then the left one can decide. At T junctions the one who is driven straight through has first priority.

· You are not encouraged to blow horn here. Using horn is only allowed when you are trying to alarm another motorist if he is about to bang you.

Parking Rules and Regulations

· In a residential area, the speed limit is 60 kmph (35mph). But in some area of Sydney it has been reduced to 50 kilometers per hour. There may be chances that some other cities have adopted lower speed than this as per traffic density. You will always find a speed signal. On Sydney’s M4 speed is already reduced.

· In NSW speed limit of 50 km/h is accepted as an urban speed limit. But the streets for traffic movements have a speed limit of 60 km/h or it can be faster, even if there are residences on the road.

· Drink and drive is strictly not allowed. Learning driving test also necessary. Tolerable limit is below 0.05 alcohol level in blood.

· No exemption from wearing the seatbelts for both driver and passengers.

Details about the road signs

No Stopping: You can’t stop in the area with this sign unless there is a medical emergency.

No Standing: Here you cannot park your car certainly, but even you can’t stand your car unnecessarily unless you are letting someone in or off the car.

Rules for driving

No Parking: Who doesn’t understand this? Yeah, but you can hold the steering and wait till the time someone is off boarding or getting in.

LOADING AND UNLOADING ZONE: If you are delivering or picking up some cargo, then you can stop here and deliver your item. You should drive a UTE, truck, wagon or van. In case, you are driving a passenger car, you have to show the reason, why you have parked and what you are delivering?

BUS ZONE: This area is strictly for buses.

TAXI ZONE: This area is strictly for taxis.

When you are passing through toll ways, have the change ready to pass through it. Many vehicles are now getting fitted with transponders, which allow them to pass through the gates without gates. Transponders with e tags (temporary e-way passes) are also available at some toll gates. The encoded magnetic card is available at many toll ways.

Car comparison takes you a long way

Planning A NEW car and selecting the best for self is one big task. Every company offers a test drive, but comparison test with a successful model is the best way to get the best. Getting an opportunity of comparing a new car with existing hit model in the same environment and same day is a tough job to get done.

Australia is considered as one of the leading car market in the world with 60 car brands and 100s of car models.

You should always check out for annual car comparison any hit model. Also have a look at weekly updates of car compare on car sites. This will give you a clear insight ongoing in the car market. Car comparison is generally done with two similar car models compared one on one.

Learners Driver

You can go driver safety program for two options: best model available in the recent introductions in the car categories or the best goes with keeping a money bracket for selection of model of choice.

If you are a first time car buyer then goes through every options of cars such as UTES, hatchback, Sedan, SUVs of all types, performance cars and commercials. This will give you a clear insight on what is best for your need.

Driving school parramatta

Car reviewers have years of experience in car testing. They have that immense knowledge of technicalities of the car. All the cars are tested on the Blacktown driving school, same physical condition, and same route.

With huge experience expert drivers and testers, they follow a clear scientific procedure to announce the winner by comparing every aspect of the drive. It includes technical parameters, mechanical parameters, electrical and comfort criteria.

But the main parameters that are required to be highlighted is price, value for the price and brand name, packaging, fuel capacity and consumption, performance and safety. During such comparison model and car brands are kept aside to avoid influence parameters. Car testing is also giving the best option for what the particular model is intended for.

By going through all this process and procedures, you can have a very clear idea. When you are purchasing a car, you are clearly purchasing a lifetime expense card. So you have to be very much particular about your purchase. When you purchase the best for you, you don’t repent even if you make expense on it. Just imagine, you purchased a car for business purpose and leisure trips, you are using it like anything. It is giving you good business or pleasant trips then it is very obvious that you spend for it happily. But if it is giving you hard times, then knocking your legs on the wheels is just the right action.

How to take advantage of high selling cars by keeping an eye on it

You must be amazed to see this title, but yes, it is like a smart play. By keeping a regular watch on monthly car sales, you can actually get a deal out of it. Key behind it is if you see a sudden spike in the sale of any particular model in it, be prepared my friend. If it is the model of your choice, then just hit the iron.

Now what is the loop hole behind it? Most car companies have a certain sales target across the globe. In this case, to meet the sales target, there is sudden pre booking for certain car models. Then most of these cars are passed as demo vehicles to dealers, but actually they are totally unused with 0 km usage.

Go here For best example Toyota has also done this for its locally made Camry within the first three months of sales year. Suddenly the found a high surge in sale in the month of December. Because of this, the car became no. 1 in sales ratings. After that to clear that Learning Driving Parramatta slashed. Such tactics are made by car companies to affect the mind set of people positively and maintain their brand value.

Parramatta Driving school sydney

If you see, the Camry was not even in top 10 during the year sale and by the last month it became the best seller. The same tactics were done by Mitsubishi ASX. So everything is just about sales whether it is in real or just unreal figures.

So the vehicle is actually declared as sold, but in reality it is still waiting for the buyer to take it home. Many cases are there, where dealers register it themselves and then keep them in yard for sales.

You can contact your nearest dealer with highest sold cars of the models and ask him for the best quote. Undoubtedly, you will get the best price from him as ultimately now, he has to get rid of it anyhow.

Learners DriverYou can get a huge price difference in such cases. But there is always a con with a pro. Here, the warranty starts as soon as the car is declared registered. In this case, you can’t claim the warranty period that is lapsed. Visit if you are a smart watcher and contact the dealer immediately, then you are at a safer side to miss the period of warranty by some days or a month.

So smart playing is the only key when you wish to buy the model of your choice.

Why is car insurance significant?

The way life insurance is necessary for a person living with a family. It is very much necessary to have a fully covered car insurance.

Life and your vehicles are very closely connected. When you move out in your vehicle, your life is connected with it. Same way, a vehicle becomes an integral part of our life. We feel lame without a vehicle. If in case it meets with an accident, the overall expense on it can disturb our entire life. And if it causes some problem with the other vehicle owner or pedestrian or public property, then a third party insurance is also very much necessary, so that you can just sit back and stay insured.

Just imagine a situation, when you have met with an accident. You don’t know what happens, even if you are a driving champ. Your vehicle is totally damaged and at the same time, it has destroyed some public property. In that case, if you don’t have an insurance, it will become a life risking situation for you. But if you have an insurance, your insurance company will fulfill all your damage cover.

If you are a vehicle owner, especially a car, then, there is no option other than going for an insurance. You can’t do without Defensive Driving.

In present times, there are endless options available for acquiring an insurance. The ultimate benefit is for the people, who wishes to have an insurance. You can get discounts, offers and many other extra perks, when you actually search in the market. The best option to select is the best premium rate suitable to you with maximum cover.

Defensive Driving

Selecting an insurance policy is equally important, just like selecting a car or a residence. Every bit of insurance plan is dependent on the premium amount. With less premium and low cover, you are not going to be benefitted in the long run. So it’s better to explore every aspect before selecting the best plan for you.

For getting the best option, you should ask for quotations from almost every company you know. You can go online and check School holidays 2017. Read out the reviews by other clients. The actual face of the insurance company comes to light at the time of placing a claim so reviews can actually help you select the best option. In the reviews on the review portal sites related to car insurance, you will get to know other scrutiny and drawback, which you are actually not aware of.

Learners Drivers

Parramatta Driving school sydney insurance with utmost care. You have here gone through why vehicle insurance is very much necessary and what points should be kept in mind while selecting a vehicle insurance for self.







       MAKE        YEAR                MODEL       COUNTRY       PRICE AUS$
FORD  66-M1 1966 MUSTANG U.S.A. $70
FORD  67-M1 1967 MUSTANG U.S.A. $65
FORD  68-M1 1968 MUSTANG U.S.A. $55
FORD  72-M1 1972 MUSTANG U.S.A. $35
FORD  73-M1 1973 MUSTANG U.S.A. $20
FORD  74-M1 1974 MUSTANG II U.S.A. $15
FORD  75-M1 1975 MUSTANG II U.S.A. $15
FORD  76-M1 1976 MUSTANG II U.S.A. $15
FORD  77-M1 1977 MUSTANG II U.S.A. $15
FORD  78-M1 1978 MUSTANG II U.S.A. $15
FORD  73-4 June 1973 ESCORT Service & maintenance schedule AUSTRALIA $5
FORD  73-3 Sept 1973 CORTINA TC – maintenance schedule booklet AUSTRALIA $8
FORD   77-2 June 1977 F100, F250, F350   Operator’s manual AUSTRALIA $10
FORD  80-2 May 1980 ZJ FAIRLANE – Warranty & maintenance schedule book AUSTRALIA $15
FORD  81-1 Sept 1981 FC LTD – Warranty & Maintenance booklet AUSTRALIA $15
FORD 85-2 Sept 1985 XF Falcon/Fairmont; ZL Fairlane & FE LTD – Service Handbook AUSTRALIA $5
FORD 87-1 Nov 1987 AT TELSTAR TX5 Owners Manual AUSTRALIA $5
FORD 93-1 1993 MUSTANG U.S.A. 5
FORD 93-2 1993 TAURUS U.S.A. 5
FORD 93-3 1993 THUNDERBIRD U.S.A. 10
FORD 93-4 1993 TEMPO U.S.A. 5
LINCOLN 93-1 1993 MARK VIII – Marketing Pocket Guide USA 5
LINCOLN 93-2 1993 TOWN CAR  Owner’s Guide USA 5
LINCOLN 93-3 1993 MARK VIII Owner’s Guide and Maintenance Schedule & Record – 2 separate books USA 10


Special or rare posters are printed in red

Non motor racing posters are printed in yellow

All other motor racing posters printed in white

1925 P180 Poster of 1925 Model T – produced in 1980s  685 x 985mm     20
1929 P310 Replica of the original poster produced by Castrol Limited celebrating the Land Speed Record of 231 m.p.h. at Daytona by Major Sir Henry Seagrave in the Golden Arrow on March 11, 1929 – 425 x 550mm   12
1934 P255 Plymouth sedan – colour picture from a calendar – suit framing – 355 x 270mm  5
1939 P224 Movie poster for Gone With The Wind featuring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh – reproduced in 1976 by Portal Productions, California – tiny pinholes in corners – 500 x 700mm    10
1955 P295 Black & White photograph of Juan Manuel Fangio in the Mercedes Formula One W 196 on his way to winning the 1955 Belgian Grand Prix. The side-on photo shows Fangio cornering at Stavelot. Signed by Fangio. Photo size 215 x 165mm (8.5″ x 6.5″) – perfect condition.  1,500
1965 P141 Automobile Quarterly poster – Shelby Mustang GT350. 410 x 510mm – landscape    25
1965 P252 1965 Mustang convertible – red with white top – picture from Autorama (Ford Japan) calendar – suit framing. 355 x 515mm   10
1966 P239 Automobile Quarterly poster  – 1966 Mustang GT convertible – dark brown with white roof  400 x 500mm landscape  – 9AQ2013       25
1968 P158 Shelby Mustang – black & white rendering  by McLaughlin in 1977 print 330 x 420mm – landscape     25
1969 P148 Automobile Quarterly poster – Boss Mustang  410 x 510mm – landscape   25
1969 P248 Boss Mustang – Automobile Quarterley  – 9-AQ-2014 – 410 x 500mm   25
1972 P182 Ford V8 Affair – 12 colour photos 0f 1932 – 1940 V8 Fords – Produced by Evergreen Press, Calif, USA – 580 x 870mm the printer’s name line along the bottom has been damaged    30
1973 P250 Ford Thunderbirds – 29 colour pics of various models from 1955 – 1966. Corners have slight damage from sticky tape. 585 x 910mm -port    30
1973 P129 Automobile Quarterly poster – Henry’s Model T 18 colour pics of Model Ts from 1909 to 1926 590 x 900mm – landscape     30
1973 P195 Two poster set from Automobile Quarterly “Henry’s V8 -Last Act” 640 x 960mm featuring 19 photos 1933 to 1940 models     60 set
1973 P196 Two poster set from Automobile Quarterly “The Model A Ford” – Poster A1 has 15 photos 1928 to 1931 and Poster A2 has 11 photos 1928 – 1931 – 640 x 960mm  each    50 set
1973 P197 “Henry’s Model T” – Automobile Quarterly poster with 18 Model T photos from 1909 to 1926 – 640 x 960mm   25
1974 P227 Embossed heavy paper poster featuring a 1913 Sunbeam (Reg No AM1530) – magnificent production by Nova of Florence, Italy – 485 x 670mm    15
1974 P289 Mazda calendar “Seasons Beautiful” – each of the six pages features a magnificent photos of Japanese scenery of 315 x 580mm size plus two smaller photos featuring a Mazda vehicle and a Geisha girl.     5
1976 P233 ’50 Years In Australia, We’ve Come A Long Way Together’ General Motors-Holden’s Limited poster of 50 GM models from 1926 Chev to 1976 HX Holden. 450 x 595 landscape  10
1976 P168 Expovin International Wine Exposition – Melbourne. 490 x 750mm – portrait     5
1976 P296 Poster for the Melbourne Moomba Festival – 560 x 830mm – portrait     5
1976 P190 & P191 Melbourne Moomba Festival poster – 670 x 880mm  5 each
1976 P193 & P194 “Thunderbird – Ford’s All-American Car” Automobile Quarterly 640 x 960mm poster featuring 13 photos of 1955 to 1977 models    25 each
1976 P287 Two photos from 1976 BMW calendar featuring 5 Series cars in desert and seaside scenes – each 580 x 480mm    5 for pair
1977 P231 Superkarts National Championships – November 6, 1977 at Winton Raceway (Victoria)   520 x 400mm – portrait  5
1977 P184 Fabulous Fords by Carl Humphries, Speedway, Indiana, USA – features 69 photos of Fords from 1896 to 1940 – 920 x 840 30
1977 P277 Corvette – The Evolution Of The Real McCoy – 21 illustrations of all Corvette models from 1953 to 1977 – each car featured with a colour side elevation plus a monotone front illustration – 42 images altogether –  production figures for each model included – some slight damage to the margins around the outside of the poster but does not affect the poster – 635 x 945mm     30
1978 P240 John Player British Formula One Grand Prix – Brands Hatch  –  510 x 760mm – portrait format    20
1978 P128 Automobile Quarterly poster – ‘Striped Lightning’ – Shelby Mustangs 1965 – 1969 – six large colour pics    635 x 965mm – landscape    25
1978 P199 “Striped Lightning” Automobile Quarterly poster featuring the Shelby Mustangs – 7 photos of 1966 – 1969 models – 640 x 960mm – pinholes in corners    25
1979 P200 Two poster set “Mustang” by Automobile Quarterly              Poster 1 = 14 photos – 1973 to 1979 1/2                              Poster 2 = 14 photos – 1964 1/2 to 1972  2 x 640 x 960mm       Note:  These two posters can be bought separately see P 127 and P 292 below.        60 set
1979 P127 Automobile Quarterly poster – Mustangs 1973 – 1979 – 14 colour pics. 635 x 965mm landscape   25
1979 P292 Mustangs 1964 1/2 to 1972 – Automobile Quarterly poster – 640 x 965mm   25
1979 P237 ‘Henley On Todd’ full size picture poster featuring two teams competing in the famous Alice Springs Regatta on the dry bed of the Todd River – August 25, 1979 – 495 x 740mm landscape    5
1979 P282 Warwick Castle, UK – POSTER  aerial shot of this famous English landmark – 510 x 750mm    5
1979 P299 Full colour poster of the Repco Round Australia Reliability Trial with full entry list, 16 photos of competitors, map of Australia showing route and times of arrival at major centres  – 480 x 800mm  – Full metal frame with glass.  Full metal and glass frame    $250 framed
1979 P300 One of the final print run of 500 posters (as above) for the Repco Round Australia Trial. These were available only through Repco outlets at the time of the trial (August 1979).   150
Circa 1980 P301 Ferrari LM250 sports racing car – Scuderia Veloce poster featuring a full width photo of the car in 3/4 front view plus smaller pics of front and rear and engine. This is the car that was driven by Spencer Martin, David McKay, Jackie Stewart, A. Buchanan, Greg Cusack, Bill Brown and the Geoghegan brothers Leo and Ian (Pete) – 485 x 720mm landscape     25
1980 P226 Alan Jones in Saudi Williams F1 car No 27 at Casino corner in Monte Carlo. Small pinhole damage in each corner but could easily be trimmed for framing – 580 x 890mm 2215
1982 P217 Ford C100 sports racing car – double-sided poster with a cutaway drawing of the C100 by Terry Collins on one side and an action racing picture of the Zakspeed car on the reverse – 440 x 585mm fair condition with edge tears but could be trimmed for framing     15
1982 P303 Map of the Pacific Ocean showing the voyages of James Cook (Endeavour) in 1769; Capt. Wallis (Dolphin) & Capt Carteret (Swallow) in 1767 and Commander Byron (Dolphin) &  Capt Mouat (Tamer) in 1765. Produced in 1982 on semi-parchment style paper as a replica of the original – 610 x 860mm – Great for mounting for display on office or den wall.     30
1982 P281 “Tribute To The Champions” Very rare and collectible poster from Sandown Park Circuit in Melbourne. Features 10 beautiful renditions of Formula One racing cars including Mercedes, Brabham, Alfa Romeo, Gurney Eagle, Lotus, etc plus C-Type Jaguar sports car. The special feature of this poster is that it has been signed by the following drivers:  Jack Brabham, John Surtees, Denis Hulme, Stirling Moss, Alan Jones and Rob Walker. – 710 x 935mm portrait – pinholes in corners in margins not on illustrated area    350
1983 P244 Pickering cartoon poster featuring Alan Bond as winner of The America’s Cup – this is one of Pickering’s famous nude cartoons 420 x 595mm – portrait                            5
 1984 P309 “20 Years Of Mustang”  featuring 29 colour illustrations of Mustang models from 1964 to 1984 – 680 x 1200mm      30
1984 P251   Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Ford Australia Broadmeadows Assembly Plant – 470 x 740mm – features 25 photos of models produced at the plant including 1959 Tank Fairlane, XK – XE Falcons including GTs, MkII Zephyr, Mk I, Mk II and TF Cortina, KA Laser, TX5 Telstar. Pin damage in corners      35
1985 P170 Classic Mustangs – wall calendar – features 11 colour photos of all models from 1965 – 1970 585 x 880mm – portrait     15
1985 P308 F-Series – Ford Australia poster featuring an F-350 carrying a Toyota 4WD truck up a steep slope – this is the poster from the TV commercial at that time – 695 x 1000mm    15
1985 P192 Double-sided poster for the first Formula One Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide. One side has a full circuit map and the other has a map of the City of Adelaide – 710 x 1000mm    120
1985 P202 Ford (Australia) FE model LTD luxury sedan “Australia’s Most Exclusive Luxury Car” – 690 x 990mm featuring complete interior   10
1985 P273 ‘Battle Of The Lasers’ Motorcraft poster of the Ford Laser Series – 490 x 695mm    10
1985 P204 XF Fairmont Ghia (Australia) – “The Luxury of Technology” – full car picture – 690 x 990mm    10
1985 P160 ‘Adelaide – One Quiet Sunday’ – First Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix –  590 x 760mm – landscape    100
1985 P280 & P283 Ford XF Falcon Utes & Vans – Australian models – full size photo of both models – 690 x 910    15
1985 P205 XF Falcon (Australia) – “The Spirit of Freedom” – full car picture – 690 x 990mm    15
1985 P285 ‘Birds of Prey’ – Ford Thunderbirds – five NASCAR racers and new Turbo Coupe model 600 x 950mm – landscape – laminated   30
1986 P153 Greg Norman with Ford Telstar – official Ford Australia poster for the Celebrity race at the 1986 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Adelaide. 760 x 480mm – portrait – laminated     10
1986 P214 Alan Jones in the Beatrice Ford Formula One car – 16 F1 circuit maps across the bottom – laminated poster – 790 x 1200mm    plus a smaller (420 x 600mm) replica of the above poster     15
1986 P229 Australian Formula One Grand Prix – “Adelaide Alive” – features illustration of Alain Prost and Alan Jones leading the field – 635 x 900mm     25
1986 P263 Motorcraft Supports Motorsport – features full Formula Ford grid at Australian Grand Prix, Adelaide – 490 x 710mm portrait     10
1988 P122 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix – Adelaide Circuit map poster . 455 x 650mm – landscape    20
1988 P132 ‘She’s Back’ – Ford poster announcing the return of the Mustang convertible. 460 x 870mm     15
1988 P177 Automobile Quarterly  Ford V8 1932 to 1941 – 600 x 900mm    20
1988 P126 Ford Australia Solar Team poster celebrating 1st anniversary of the inaugural Darwin to Adelaide Solar Race in 1987. The Ford entry – the Model S – was placed second. 510 x 610mm landscape    10
1989 P175 Automobile Quarterly  Henry’s V8s from 1933 to 1940 – 600 x 900mm landscape    20
1989 P176 Automobile Quarterly AQ13 “Thunderbird – Ford’s All-American Car” 600 x 900mm   25
1989 P174 Automobile Quarterly 9AQ 0102 Cobra 427 c.i.d. including full cutaway drawing – 600 x 900mm landscape    20
1989 P242 ‘Australia Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Mustang’ features 10 colour pics of Mustangs at Mustang National Concours, Echuca (Victoria) on March 26, 1989. 425 x 600 – portrait    10
1989 P120 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix – ‘Adelaide Alive’ – November 1989. shows artist’s impression of Benetton, Williams and Ferrari cars during pit stops. 700 x 910 – portrait   15
1989 P121 ‘The Best Part’s Winning’ Motorcraft poster celebrating Dick Johnson’s Touring car Championship and Bathurst 1000 victories in No 17 Mustang. Very small tear in right hand top corner and midway down left hand side          695 x 990 – portrait   10
1989 P125  P148                  Automobile Quarterly posters each 600 x 900mm landscape format as follows;             9AQ 0098  Post War Fords(P125)      9AQ 0100 Boss Mustang (P148)                                     25 each or 40 for both
1990 P178 Ford Capri (Australian model) “Australia Invades America” black and white drawing 510 x 770mm portrait poster VERY RARE    20
1990 P243 Motorcraft poster/calendar featuring Dick Johnson and John Bowe in Mustangs in action  500 x 750mm – portrait  15
1990 P207 Dick Johnson and Mustang GT – “Tested Tough” – Ford Motorcraft poster 680 x 1000mm    15
1990 P222 Ford do Brasil  Motorcraft Calendar – these 520 x 1150mm portrait format calendars are famous for the beautiful semi naked girls portrayed. This one is no exception, the model is wearing only a racing helmet – the months are printed down the left hand side of the poster so as not to interfere with the photo!  Metal bound across the top and bottom. Still in original Motorcraft parts box.  15
1990 P212 Australian Formula Ford Driver To Europe – 490 x 700mm    8
1990 P260 Ford Australia 30th Anniversary of Falcon – features 15 photos of all Falcon models from XK to EA overlaid on a montage of world historical events covering the same period. 450 x 790mm VERY RARE POSTER     30
1991 P265 Motorcraft calendar for 1991 features a 370 x 375 picture of Kent Youlden’s EB Falcon champion production car.      5
1991 P278 Ford LTL 9000 (Australian specifications) – poster for promotion “Buy This Ford – Win This Ford” showing Capri convertible prize car – joint promotion with Caterpillar – 680 x 900mm   5
1992 P208 Ford Cargo truck – Australian spec – “The Leading Edge” – 670 x 990mm    5
1992 P307 Original Bill Forsyth photograph of Andrew Meidecke (De Tomaso) passing a Ferrari in the 1992 Targa Tasmania rally. The shot is taken from the rear of the cars and shows them just a few inches apart at high speed on a narrow road. – 500 x 760mm Brilliant photograph and worth framing for office or den. This is one of the most outstanding rally photos you will ever see!    75
1992 P270 Motorcraft calendar features starting race shot of Production Car Championship race – photo size 575 x 375mm – small tear on left hand side but could be trimmed for framing     5
1992 P172 ‘Redbacks On The Racetrack’ Dick Johnson and the late Greg Hansford in Ford Sierras. 700mm x 1000mm laminated    15 
1992 P210 Motorcraft Formula Ford Driver To Europe (Australia) 490 x 700mm    10
1992 P257 First Targa Tasmania – features full map of Tasmania with rally route – 420 x 590mm   10
1993 P185 Ford LTL 9000 Louisville truck – ‘King Louis” – 690 x 990mm    10
1993 P25325353 Targa Tasmania – features red Ford Cobra replica at the esses on the Weldsborough Pass stage in North East Tasmania – 420 x 590    10
1993 P266 Motorcraft calendar with large print of a Top Fuel Dragster (picture size 500 x 570mm)   5
1994 P206 Ford Mustang – poster shows the 1964 1/2 model in mirror image with the 1994 model – portrait format – 460 x 610mm   15
1994 P288 Dick Johnson with his Shell Falcon V8 Supercar and Ford Aeromax 120 Transporter – 450 x 650mm   15
1994 P302 Artists impression of the Albert Park Grand Prix circuit by John “Stonie” Stoneham prior to the first AGP in Melbourne, 490 x 690mm – landscape   15
1994 P304 “10 Years of the Australian Formula One Grand Prix” – this is the poster for the 1994 AGP and shows all the winners from 1985 to 1993 – Rosberg; Prost; Berger; Prost; Boutsen; Piquet; Senna; Berger and Senna. – The poster is signed by Michael Schumacher – 690 x 900mm – portrait format – RARE    2505
1994 PP305 Same as P304 except that it hasn’t been signed.     75
Undated P294 Car Graphic (Japan) calendar – features black & white 265 x 175mm shots of 1961 Lotus Super Seven; 1954 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing; 1966 Lamborghini Miura; 1963 Morgan Plus Four; 1976 Corvette Stingray; 1963 Datsun Fairlady SP310; 1961 Triumph TR4; 1958 Ferrari 400 Superamerica; 1954 Lancia AureliaGT B20S Series 4; 1968 Renault Alpine A110; 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale; 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I Coupe and 1956 Porsche 356A. Mint condition.      15
1995 P276 Mitre 10 Falcon V8 Supercar – 420 x 600mm     5
1995 P142  P284 Yokohama Tyres poster of the V8 Supercars of Larkham, Longhurst, Skaife and Richards      595 x 840 – landscape   5 
1995 P271 Mitre 10 Falcon V8 Supercar with inset pic of Mark Larkham – 300 x 340mm   5
1995 P124 World Police & Fire Games – Melbourne sponsored by Ford. Features police and firemen and women in uniforms on starting line            695 x 910mm – landscape – laminated    8
1995 P147 Dick Johnson’s DJRacing Ford Aeromax Louisville transporter with Dick Johnson        450 x 650mm – landscape     10
1995 P155 Toohey’s 1000 – Bathurst featuring Johnson, Larkham, Gardner, Perkins, Skaife and Brock. 480 x 700mm – portrait     20
1995 P163 Tickford 500 – Sandown Park – features Seton, Johnson, Bowe, Larkham, Bright and Longhurst’s Falcons. 410 x 560mm -portrait    10
1995 P166 Mark Larkham’s Mitre 10 Falcon V8 Supercar 300 x 420mm – landscape      5
1995 P167 ‘The Grand Finale’ – last Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Adelaide. Features circuit map and admission prices on back of poster.         420 x 560mm – portrait    40
1995 P188 Australian Grand Prix – Adelaide “The Grand Finale” – signed by Damon Hill and Olivier Panis – 690 x 900mm   150
1995 P198 “Holden Commodore – First Around Australia” celebrating Holden’s win in the 1995 Mobil 1 Trial – 530 x 360mm portrait     25
1996 P159 Rob Thoma colour poster/print (No 1 of 2000) of five Falcon GT models XR-XY.                420 x 590mm – landscape    45   
1996 P223 Six-page calendar featuring 255 x 225mm colour photos of classic cars suitable for framing. Each car has a pretty model with it –        1990 Red F40 Ferrari; 1984 Black Lamborghini Countach ‘S’; 1993 Silver Vector A*WX3; 1984 Red Porsche 930S Slant Nose Cabriolet; 1967 Silver Aston Martin DB6; 1962 Black Honda NSX.    15
1996 P150 & P279 ‘What A Great Place For A Race’ – Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix – Albert Park Circuit – Melbourne.  500 x 760mm – landscape    20 each
1997 P275 Mitre 10 Falcon V8 Supercar – 410 x 585mm    5
1997 P165 Alan Jone’s ‘Komatsu’ Falcon V8 Supercar – signed by Former World F1 Champion Alan Jones. 420 x 600mm – landscape    25
1997 P290 Tickford 500 – Sandown Park – Action shots of Falcon V8 Supercars of Seton, Johnson, Larkham, Longhurst, Alan Jones, Bowe – 415 x 560mm    10
1998 P134 Mitre 10 Falcon V8 Supercar with Mark Larkham.  420 x 585mm – landscape     5
1998 P272 Mitre 10 Falcon V8 Supercar – 410 x 585mm    5
1998 P145 ‘Falcon Wins Bathurst’ – Ford poster of Pirtek Falcon. 420 x 585mm – portrait     5
1998 P211 Winton Raceway – Australia – V8 Supercars – 550 x 890mm    5
1998 P295 Poster for the Melbourne International Motor Show – 420 x 590 mm – portrait 5515
1998 P297 pAustralian Historic Motorfest – Winton Raceway  “Jazz & Shiraz” 420 x 590mm     5
1999 P256 Ford Australia “Retro Run” featuring 9 Fredd Briggs’ illustrations including AUI and AU XR6, XYGT, ’65 Mustang, XP Falcon, TF Cortina, ’39 Lincoln convertible coupe, ’34 V8 utility, ’13 T Model 420 x 595 portrait     10
Undated P140 Reproduction Movie Poster – features Glenn Ford and Lee Remick in “Experiment in Terror”     10
Undated P187 “Henry and the General in Full Battle Dress” Calder Thunderdome poster for Nascar racing – features a Falcon & Commodore Nascar racers – 685 x 1000mm 1510
Undated P201 Clark Gable as Rhett Butler (Gone With The Wind) playing poker – Black & white photographic poster – 750 x 980mm – pinholes in corners.       10
Undated P254 Redbacks On The Racetrack – features Dick Johnson and the late Gregg Hansford in Shell-sponsored Ford Mustangs – 495 x 720mm – laminated      20
Undated P259 Calder Raceway poster for Car & Bike Spectacular featuring Giacomo Agostini on his MV Augusta – only fair condition      10
Undated P261 Sandown Park Circuit, Melbourne, poster for the World Sports Car Championship race – pin holes in each corner – 440 x 585mm    5
Undated P262 Ford FX-Atmos concept car – page illustration from calendar suit framing – 350 x 520mm      5
Undated P258 Herbs For Medicinal Use – shows 19 illustrations and decsriptions of herbs used in medicine – beautifully illustrated in colour – 500 x 700mm portrait – ideal for framing – Great for framing for a kitchen wall.      5
Undated PP311311 Crazy B.F. Goodrich Tyre Company poster featuring hundreds of cartoon cars and trucks on a maze of cloverleaf freeways in a chaotic traffic jam – 610 x 965mm – fun poster for kid’s wall or office. 10




Park Road Media is a public relations consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia, operated by Adrian Ryan and specialising in motor industry matters. It operates the Ford Australia Archive Centre situated at Ford Australia, Sydney Rd, Campbellfield, Victoria.

Adrian Ryan has had 40+ years’ experience in the Australian motor industry and has worked for such top automotive companies as Repco Limited, Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce and Ford Australia. He held various positions with these companies covering promotions, advertising, internal & external publications, and public relations.

He was, for many years, one of Australia’s leading motor racing commentators on both circuits and TV. He was also a top motor sport reporter for Racing Car News. He has conducted weekly motoring programs on Radio Bay FM (Geelong) and Radio 3SR (Shepparton) and provided articles for the The Adelaide Advertiser, VACC Journal, Autoclub Magazine, DECA Training News and Shepparton News.

He is the official historian for Ford Australia and a member of the US Society of Automotive Historians, Inc. 


1981 NIS81-1                                  Nissan Bluebird “Four Cylinder Limousine” – 20 pages, 4 colour AUS 5
1993 NIS93-1 Nissan Bluebird – 16-page, full colour, stapled brochure – Printed November 1993 – NoPBB26 AUS 3
1995 NIS95-3 Micra – 20-page launch booklet with full specifications and details of features – eight B & W photographs of exterior/interior/engine (212.5cm x 16.5cm) – dated May 25, 1995 AUS 3
1995 NIS95-1 Nissan Pulsar – Full media kit for launch on October 9, 1995 in Australia. Presentation folder with full details and 11 8×6 black & white photos. AUS 3
1997 NIS97-3 Nissan Navara 4×4 and Terrano 4WD wagon – Australian launch kit. Excellent media kit in prestige folder complete with separate booklets for each model, photos and full specification. AUS 2215
1998 NIS98-1 Nissan V6 Maxima sedan – 16-page, landscape format, full colour, stapled brochure – Printed in August 1997 – No 1998MY MAX006 AUS 3
1998 NIS98-3 GU Patrol press kit with photos in presentation folder. AUS 2
1999 NIS99-1 Press Information pack from 33rd Tokyo Motor Show – 40 page full colour stapled booklet describing the show stand and all the concept and production vehicles, 12-page colour stapled booklet on Nissan’s CVT Technologies, 64-page stapled, colour booklet on Nissan Environmental Report plus slides 0of the XVL Concept car and a CD-Rom with all photos and information – all in presentation folder. English language version. JAPAN 5
1999 NIS99-2 Media information kit for the special Nissan vehicles at the Sydney Motor Show – the Le Mans R390 GT1 race car and the Nissan 4WD Trailrunner. Both in presentation folders and with black & white photos. AUS 5
1999 NIS99-3 Maxima sedan – media launch kit – full details and both colour and black & white photos in presentation folder – Printed December 1999 AUS 3
2000 NIS2000-1 Maxima S, ST and Ti sedans – 20 page full colour, landscape format stapled brochure – Printed March 2000 No 1999MY. Max0088  BRO032 AUS 3
2000 NIS2000-2 Navara 4WD – full media launch kit with photos in presentation folder AUS 2
2000 NIS2000-4 Nissan Hypermini – Zero Emissions Electric mini car – January 2000 – media kit with colour photo in presentation folder AUS 3
2000 NIS2000-5 Nissan Pulsar – “It Breaks All The Rules” – 20 page, colour, landscape format   BRO 043 AUS 3
2001 NIS2001-1 Pulsar N16, 1.8 litre, 5-door hatchback – 4 pages folded, full colour – plus Nissan Pulsar sedan – double-sided colour flyer AUS 3
1974 OLDS74-1 US product range – 48 page, 4 colour USA 15
1982 CTO82 Toronado, Ninety Eight, Delta 88, Cutlass, Custom Cruiser, Omega and wagons – 28 pages – large scale landscape format – page size 10.25″ x 10.25″ –  USA 20
1990 OLDS90-1 Oldsmobile 1990 Model Year – Silhouette, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass Ciera, Cutlass Calais, Cutlass Cruiser, Trofeo, Toronado, Touring Sedan, Ninety Eight, Eighty Eight and Custom Cruiser – full range 32 page stapled brochure – printed September 1989 USA 12
2006 OPEL06-1 Corsa – 12-page landscape style brochure printed in August 2006 – features the 3-door and 5-door models. French language FRANCE  5
2007 OPEL07-1 Opel Astra Twin Top hardtop – 36-page brochure for the 2007 model Astra convertible/hardtop. French language brochure – printed July 2006 FRANCE 5
2007 OPEL07-2 Opel Astra range – 50-page brochure covering all 2007 model year cars – 5-door,GTC, Le Break, 3-door, Enjoy, GTC Sport’ Cosmo, plus accessories, colours, trims and specifications. French language – printed July 2006 for the 2007 model year. FRANCE 6
1996 ORB100 Press kit in presentation folder for the Orbital S2S concept car shown at the Melbourne International Motor Show – press release, photos AUS 10
1977 CTP-2 Panther J72, DeVille saloon and DeVille convertible – 6 page folded, full colour brochure with separate specification and price sheets – cars featured are left hand drive models for the US/European markets. UK 30
1977 CTP-3 Panther Lima – 4 page, full colour brochure for the right hand drive model plus specifications and price sheet. UK 30
1979 PUG79-1 305 – 20 pages, full colour, English language – 295mm x 210mm – printed in France April 1978 – key No PP1291 FRANCE 12
1979 P79-2 104, 304, 504 and 604 range – two double-sided flyers, full colour, each 300mm x 210 – English language UK 12
1988 PUG88-1 205 Hatchback – 20 pages, 4 colour AUS 10
1989 PUG89-1 309 model – 28 page, 4 colour AUS 10
1995 PUG95-1 306 Cabriolet – 6-page folded, full colour brochure plus Australian specification and colour and trim sheets -Printed in France in English language – No IE655/A-07/94 FRANCE – AUS 10
1996 PUG96-1 406 – press kit for Australian launch – Sept 21, 1996 – releases, specs, photos in presentation folder AUS 5
1997 PUG97-1 Official Media Kit for launch of 406 V6 & Turbo-diesel models – news releases plus two 15cm x 10 cm (6″ x 4″) colour prints AUS 5
1997 PUG97-2 National Launch Kit for 306 – July 1997 – Spiral bound comprehensive description of all aspects of the 306 plus six photos in plastic pocket – 15cm x 10cm (6″ x 4″) colour. AUS 5
1999 PUG99-1 Peugeot 607 – media release kit produced for the Tokyo Motor Show 1999 – includes 8-page full colour, folded brochure of the 607 (No 1999 10/TMS)  plus a CD-ROM of images. English language. Printed in Japan JAPAN 5
1999 PUG99-2 Official Media Kit for launch of 206 range with news releases plus four 15cm x 10cm (6″ x 4″) colour prints. AUS 5
1999 PUG99-3 Official Media Kit for launch of 406 and 306 models – news releases plus five 15cm x 10cm (6″ x 4″) colour prints AUS 5
1999 PUG99-4 Summer edition of ‘Peugeot Lion” magazine – 32-pages, full colour. Includes article on history of Peugeot in Formula One AUS  
2000 PUG2000-1 206CC convertible & 607 saloon – media preview kit from Sydney Motor Show –  colour photos of each car. AUS 5
2001 PUG2001-2 307 Cameleo concept car and 307 hatch – media release kit with colour prints of each. AUS 5
2003 PUG2003-1 Peugeot 307CC – 16-page colour, stapled brochure – plus4-page specification folder, plus single sheet, double-sided colour flyer – printed December 2003 –  No PEU5321 AUS 8
2003 PUG2003-2 Peugeot 307CC – 28-page plus hard card covers, landscape format, spiral bound presentation brochure –  AUS 10
2006 PUG06-1 307 Range – 36-page brochure for the 307, 307 Break and 307SW models. Printed in September 2006Ref ID0602 – French language -contains colours, trims, options and specification. FRANCE 5
1967 PLY67-1  Plymouth Valiant – Signet, Valiant 100 – 12 page, landscape format, full colour, stapled brochure – Form No 81-505-7024 – Printed September 1966 USA 20
1998 PIR98-1 Pirelli folded poster – A1 size – lists all Pirelli World Rally Championship victories from 1973 to 1997 – pictures of Subaru WRX and Imprezza 555, Ford Escort Cosworth and RS,Audi Quattro, Fiat 124 & 131 Abarth,  Lancia Rally, Delta 4WD and Stratos, Toyota Celica 4WD, Opel Kadett. FRANCE 8
1940 CTP40-1 Australia Pontiac range – Silver-Arrow and Chieftain models. 12 pages, full colour. No 417 AUS 130
1979 PB79 “The Fabulous Firebird” by Michael Lamm – 160-page, landscape format, hard cover book lavishly illustrated in colour and Black & white. Paper dust cover unmarked. Perfect condition throughout  – A must for Firebird lovers! USA 45
1982 CTP82-1 Firebird, Pontiac 6000, Grand Prix, Bonneville Model G, J 2000, Phoenix and T1000 models – 10 pages, landscape format, full colour, stapled. USA 35
1982 CTP82-2 Pontiac T1000 – 8 pages folded brochure, full colour. full specifications  USA 25
1982 CTP82-3 Pontiac 6000 – 12 pages, landscape format, full colour, stapled – excellent condition USA 25
1982 CTP82-4 Pontiac Bonneville Model G – 12 pages, landscape format, full colour, stapled. Two holes punched near spine and crease fold 2.5″ from right hand side. USA 10
1982 CTP82-5 Pontiac Bonneville Model G – as above but in excellent condition USA 35
1982 CTP82-6 Pontiac Grand Prix – 12 pages, landscape format, full colour, stapled – excellent condition USA 35
1982 PONT82-7 Firebird, Firebird Trans Am and Firebird S/E model range – 12 pages landscape format stapled brochure – some slight spine damage and a few scratches on cover but otherwise fully intact.  USA 12
1983 CTP83-1 1983 Pontiac full range brochure – 24 pages, landscape format, full colour, stapled. “We Build Excitement” – full specifications of all models. USA 38
1991 PONT91-1 Firebird Coupe, Trans Am GTA – 8 page folded brochure – printed in 1990 for the 1991 model year.  USA 10
1997 POR97-1 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 – Media launch kit  AUS 5
1996 PRO96-1 Proton sedan and Aeroback wagon – 6 pages folded – 4 clr AUS 2
1997 PRO97-1 Full media kit fore the launch of the Proton M21 Coupe – includes full specification, VHS video tape, two colour transparencies and two colour prints in a plastic presentation satchel. AUS 2
1999 PRO99-1 Satria GTi Hatchback – 4-page, full colour brochure. AUS 2
1999 PRO99-2 Satria  GLi Hatchback – double-sided, full colour flyer. AUS 2
19951995 REN95-1 Laguna – 60-page full colour, gloss paper stapled booklet – printed in France in English for the Australian-specification Laguna range AUS 5
2001 REN2001-1 Renault re-launch in Australia at Melbourne Motor Show 2001 – beautifully presented in heavy duty hard plastic presentation folder with press releases, Product range CD and colour photos AUS 5
2004 REN2004-1 Renault commercial van range – Kangoo, Trafic and Master – Media launch kit with CD AUS 3
2004 REN2004-2 Renault Sport Clio182 – performance version of the Clio Sport – media press kit for launch in Australia on September 16, 2004 in presentation folder with CD Rom of images. AUS 5
2004 REN2004-3 Press kit for launch of Renault Sport Megane225 in Australia – includes press releases, CD Rom with 20 colour images – in presentation folder AUS 3
2004 REN2004-4 Press kit for release of the Megane Coupe-Cabriolet steel-topped convertible – December 2004 – press release and CD Rom with 28 colour images AUS 3
2005 REN2005-1 Preview press release for the Scenic II launch in Australia – presentation folder with release, CD Rom with 22 colour images  and colour print – Also colour print and release on Grand Scenic –  printed January 2005 AUS 3
2005 REN2005-2 “Renault Wins Australian Grand Prix” – press release and photo in presentation folder AUS 2
    ROVER – See also Land Rover    
1976 R004 Rover 4-door saloon – B&W print –  UK
1979/80 ROV-01 Eight copies of German language publication “Rover Blatt” published by the German Rover Club – Issues of October & December 1979 and April, May, September, October, November & December 1980. GERM $5 for the lot
1978 CTR-1 Rover 3500 V8 ‘The Car That Will Change The Car’ – 8 page, landscape format, full colour brochure with full specification colour insert UK 18
1981 CTR-2 Rover 2300, 2600 and 3500 models – New Zealand specification – 24 page, full colour, landscape format, stapled brochure – No 3255/F UK 18
2002 ROV11 Rover 75 – poster folded into 8 – 35 x 25cm pages. “Australia Welcomes The Most Acclaimed  Car In The World”  AUS 3
     ROLLS ROYCE    
1973 CTRR-1 Rolls Royce  Silver Shadow – 6 page, folded, full colour, portrait format brochure – No T.S.D. 4017 UK 45
1973 CTRR-2 Rolls Royce Corniche – 6 pages, full colour, folded, portrait format brochure – No6/73/10 000 TSD 2983 UK 45
1973 CTRR-3 Rolls Royce presentation folder – introducing the Silver Shadow and Corniche models – full colour folder with three pages of text and illustrations plus 6 page folded brochure of photos of exterior and interior of the cars plus 16 page lavishly illustrated booklet (A4 size) in full colour outlining the Rolls Royce Motors company and its divisions. No TSD4013 UK 55
1973 CTRR-4 Rolls Royce small pocket-sized booklet of 12 pages in full colour “The Best Car In The World” describing the Silver Shadow, Corniche  and Phantom VI models  in English, German and French languages               No TSD 2838 h UK 35
1973 CTRR-5 ‘The Substance Of A Shadow’ – 20-page, landscape format, colour stapled brochure – decsribes the development and workmanship that goes into every Silver Shadow.  UK 45
SPECIAL  1984 CTRR-5 To mark the visit of the 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost AX-201Tto Melbourne in 1984, the Governor, Rear Admiral Sir Brian Murray held a reception at Government House. The pack includes the official invitation;  the official photograph of the car; “The Silver Ghost Story” reprinted from the April 26th issue of Autocar magazine: a two-page flyer in full colour  “The Kellow -Falkiner Story” and features a colour photograph of the 1984 Silver Spirit; plus a first day cover envelope with the UK postage stamp commemorating the Silver Ghost and Silver Spirit, dated 13 October 1982;  UK 50
1979 SAAB76-1 Saab 900 – 40pp, 4clr  21 x 26.5cm English text – 208850/Produktion TEMA Gbg SWE 8
1994 SAAB94-1 Saab 900/9000 Series – 6-page folded colour brochure plus 6-page price list and specification sheet – printed in English – No 264416 GERM 5
1995 SAAB95-1 900 / 9000 models – 6-page folded brochure plus8-page Australian price list – all 4clr – No 264416 – English language GERM 5
1995 SAAB95-2 9000 – 64-page brochure/booklet – full colour – beautifully presented and illustrated –  plus 8-page price list for Australia – No264119 -English language GERM 8
1995 SAAB95-3 9000 – 60-page brochure/booklet – full colour with lavish illustrations and full specifications – 8-page Australian price list – No 264119 – English language GERM 4
1995 SAAB95-4 900 – 64-page brochure/booklet – many illustrations, full colour – plus 8-page Australian price list – 263814 – English language GERM 4
1995 SAAB95-5 80-page perfect-bound book “Form & Function” – Saab’s approach to designing and building cars – English language – full colour – No GB/Int. Art No 264564 GERM 10
1996 SAAB96-1 Saab 9000 – full range 64 page full colour, full gloss brochure – plus 8 page specifications and price list insert – Australian specification models AUS Art No 266247 – Printed in Germany AUS 8
1997 SAAB97-1 9-5 – full range – 64 page, 4 clr brochure – Australian specification – printed in Germany – AUS Art No 562421 AUS 8
1997 SAAB97-2 The New Saab 9-3 – 6 page folded brochure showing full range – 4 clr – AUS Art No 56905printed in Sweden AUS 5
1997 SAAB97-3 Introducing the new Saab 9-5 – 4 page plus specification sheet – Part No 000180 AUS 5
1999 SAAB99-1 9-3 and 9-5 – full range – 24 page brochure, full colour includes full specifications – Printed August 1998 No AUS Art No. 298208 – Printed in Sweden – English language SWEDEN 5
1999 SAAB99-2 Saab 9-5 and 9-3 range – 8 page folded motor show handout – printed June 1998 AUS 5
1999 SAAB99-3 Saab 9-5 Estate – 46-page full colour – AUS Art No 601500 – English language DEN 3
2000 SAAB2000-1 Full range 9-3; 9-5, Viggen – 6-page folded, 2-colour, brochure -Printed January 2000 – No M/S 2000 AUS 3
2001 SA01 Saab full model range – 8 pages 22.5 x 22.5cms folded, colour. AUS
1996 SEAT96-1 Ibiza, Toledo and Cordoba – media launch kit with photos and full details in full colour presentation folder – Printed June 1996 AUS 3
1999 SEAT99-1 Full media kit for the launch of Cordoba, Ibiza and Toledo models in Australia – brochures for each model plus specifications and photos. AUS 3
1999 SEAT99-2 TOLEDO –  4page brochure, full colour –  with separate photo and specification sheet AUS 3
1999 SEAT99-3 CORDOBA – 4-page brochure, full colour – photo and spec sheet AUS 2
1999 SEAT99-4 IBIZA – 4-page brochure, full color, with photo AUS 2
1970 S003 Unique Skoda perpetual calendar with 18 days per page – 22 pages each with a beautiful colour photo by M. Stepanik showing a Skoda vehicle. The cover page has a 15mm tear on one side. Page size is 320mm x 320mm and the calendar is spiral bound. – Illustrations would be ideal for framing CZ 10
 1981 SUB81-1 Leone 4WD hatchback sedan – Japanese language – 12pp, 4 clr  56A-9 (56.5) c. 1981 JAPAN 5
1994 SUB94-1 Subaru Liberty – full range sedans/wagons – 28 page brochure, stapled, full colour – Has three punch holes near spine – English language – Printed in Japan (94BR 20R 1994.3) JAP 5
1994 SUB94-3 Liberty sedan – Australian specification model – 28 page, full colour, stapled brochure plus 4-page specification brochure – Printed in Japan in English – No 94BR 20R 1994.3 – in perfect condition JAPAN 5
1994 SUB94-4 Impreza – Australian specification model -28-page, full colour, stapled brochure – Printed in Japan in English – No 94BR 57R 1994.2 JAPAN 5
1994 SUB94-5 Subaru Liberty – 28-page stapled brochure, 4 clr – Australian specifications  included plus media launch releases – in presentation folder – English language – No 94BR 20R 1994.3 JAP 5
1995 SUB95-1 Liberty – 28-page stapled brochure – 4 clr – Australian specifications included plus media releases in presentation folder – English language No 95BR 20R 1995.4 JAP 5
1996 SUB96-1 Subaru 14-page booklet “All-Wheel Drive and Safety” explains how AWD works. Plus double-sided full colour flyers of Forester and Outback models   AUS 4
1996 SUB96-2 Outback AWD wagon – 12-page colour ,stapled brochure – page size is 420mm x 295mm – printed on heavy art paper  AUS 2
1996 SUB96-3 Liberty – 28 page, 4 clr – 97BR24R-1996 – printed in Japan – English language AUS 5
1997 SUB97-1 Impreza – full range brochure with WRX, GX, RX sedans and hatchbacks – 28 pages, full colour, stapled – very impressive publication with WRC car section –  separate spec sheet AUS 5
1997 SUB97-2 Double-sided, full colour flyers for Liberty sedan/wagon and Outback Wagon. AUS 4 for both
1997 SUB97-3 RX Forester 4WD wagon – Large size (420mm x 295mm) 16-page, colour, stapled brochure  AUS 5
1998 SUB98-1 Single page  specification sheets for 1999 model Outback and Liberty, and full colour double-sided flyers for WRX, Forester (x2) plus 4-page folded brochure for Forester GT. AUS 3
1999 SUB99-1 Full range 20-page, full colour, stapled brochure covering Impreza, WRX, Liberty, Outback Wagon and Forester AUS 5
1999 SUB99-2 Liberty – 20-page, large format, full colour, stapled brochure AUS 5
2000 SUB2000-1 Forester AWD Wagon – 16 pages plus stiff card covers, full colour, stapled brochure with full specifications and colour chart -No P-FB AUS 3
2000 SUB2000-2 Subaru corporate booklet on all wheel drive – 44 pages, staple bound, colour AUS 3
2005 SUB2005-1 B9 Tribeca – preview press kit for Melbourne Motor Show, March 2005. Includes press release, 4-page colour brochure plus  three colour prints AUS 5
1991 SUZ91-1 Suzuki Swift – 1.3 and 1.6-litre – 6 page folded brochure, full colour with specification sheets extra AUS 3
1994 SUZ94-1 Suzuki Baleno – 8-page, landscape format, full colour, stapled – SAPL BAL-4 AUS 3
1994 SUZ94-2 Swift – 6-page folded brochure, full colour – No MW 1050 AUS 3
1994 SUZ94-3 Vitar 4WD wagon – double-sided colour flyer – No SA273 AUS 2
1994 SUZ94-4 Suzuki Alto – 8 page – 4 clr – 99999-B1702-001 English JAPAN 3
1997 SUZ97-1 Suzuki Wagon R+ – media launch kit, colour pic, 6-page folded brochure and 6-page specification brochure AUS 2
1999 SUZ99-3 Grand Vitara 5-door 4WD wagon, 6 pages, folded, colour, A4 99999-GRAND-002 AUS 2
1999 SUZ99-1 Baleno – media launch kit – news release plus colour print in presentation folder AUS 2
1999 SUZ99-2 Grand Vitara – media launch kit – news release, colour print in presentation folder AUS 2
1987  T008 815 GTC Heavy Truck – Czech language – 4 page, 4 clr CZ 10
1987 TOY87-1 Full media kit for the SV21 Camry release on April 15, 1987 in Australia. Heavy duty binder contains full details and specifications, 8 B&W photos and a short history of the Corona in Australia. AUS 5
1991  T013 Paseo specification sheet AUS 2
1994 TOY94-1 Vienta – Wide Body – 12 page landscape, stapled brochure, full colour – plus single page, double-sided flyer for the Vienta model – No VIENTA0794 AUS 4
1997 TOY97-1 ‘Car For The Earth’  – Magnificent Toyota presentation pack featuring the forthcoming Prius petrol-electric hybrid concept car. English language JAPAN 5
1997 TOY97-2 Toyota Camry/Vienta – Australian media launch kit presented in Toyota’s usual ‘over-the-top’ presentation folder. AUS 3
 1998 TOY98-1 MR2 – exterior colour selector brochure includes full specifications of MR2 2-door Sports T-Roof Coupe with 2-litre DOHC 3S GE engine – Ref No MR20698CSV AUS 3
1998 TOY98-3 Corolla – media kit with CD-ROM in stylish presentation folder AUS 4
1999 TOY99-2 Media kit for Toyota stand at the 33rd Tokyo Motor Show, 1999 – Colour releases for five concept cars – Opa, Open Deck, NCSV, Celica Cruising Deck and Lexus Sports Coupe plus five more releases covering motor sport and environmental concepts. Presentation folder in English. JAPAN 4
2000 TOY2000-1 20-page booklet, stapled on Toyota’s Australian operations plus descriptions of Avalon, Echo, etc. AUS 3
2000 TOY2000-2 Toyota Hilux 4×4 – 4-page folded, colour brochure – Printed August 2000 – No HILUX4WD0800CSV AUS 2
2001 TOY2001-1 “Motor Show News From Toyota” – official media release folder with details of Toyota’s exhibit at the 2001 Melbourne Motor Show. Photos of new Corolla, Echo, Prius Hybrid, bB and WiLL Vi concept cars. AUS 2
2005 TOY2005-1 “New From Toyota” released for the Melbourne Motor Show, March 2005 – releases for Welcab concept vehicle for disable persons; TS-01 performance Camry concept; Compact Sports & Specialty concept sports car; Toyota Sportivo and Toyota Race Team details – in presentation folder with CD Rom with 13 colour images AUS 2
1978 CTT-78-1 Triumph TR7 sports – 4 page, portrait format, full colour brochure.  R-7 AUS 18
    VALIANT – Australian models  No items available at present    
1978 V101 All range small format brochure produced for the Motor Show – 8 pages, landscape format, 210mm x 100mm – Same key No as large format brochure V2323, October 1978 UK 8
2004 V2004-1 Vauxhall Monaro VXR and Vauxhall VXR220 sports cars. This is the first ‘Monaro’ brochure from Vauxhall and will become a real collector’s item. Here’s a chance to pick one up at a realistic price. 16-pages, full colour, stapled – printed May 2004 – No VM0404723. UK 25
1986 VOLK86-1 Volkswagen AG Annual Report – 90-pages of text and colour photos plus 6-page financial report – English  GERMANY 2
1995 VOLK95-1 Golf GL and GL TDi models – Australian launch media kit includes single page flyer for each model plus releases and three b&w photos in presentation folder AUS 5
1996 VOLK96-3 Rallying To Victory – large poster for the Golf GTi  rally car – details of car, etc on back of folded poster – text in English GERMANY 5
1996 VOLK96-4 Press kit for Passat launch in Australia with photos, prices & specifications AUS 5
1997 VOLK97-1 VW Polo – Australian media launch kit in presentation folder – no photos AUS 3
1997 VOLK97-2 VW Transporter -4-page, colour,  folded brochure – Printed February 1997 AUS 3
1998 VOLK98-1 VW Golf Australian media press kit  – full details and four colour photos in presentation folder  AUS 5
1999 VOLK99-2 VW Bora – 24-page, colour, stapled brochure – No MKT0475 AUS 5
1999 VOLK99-3 Volkswagen at the Tokyo Motor Show 1999 – includes eight Colour photos, 39-page (plus covers) booklet on VW and its show stand plus 8-page colour brochure showing the vehicle range – Booklet in English JAPAN 8
1999 VOLK99-4 Three magnificent calendar photographs of VW vehicles in superb settings – all suitable for framing – print size 450mm x 250mm  GERMANY 6 set
2000 VOLK2000-1 VW Polo 16V – Australian lunch press kit includes 24-page, colour, stapled brochure, double-sided colour specification sheet, Press release and six colour photos in presentation folder AUS 8
2001 VOLK2001-1 Media release kit for announcement of the official VW 2-car Beetle Factory Team for the Australian GTP motor racing championship – includes photos AUS 3
2004 VOLK2004-1 Polo – Australian media launch kit – contains double-sided flyer, full specifications and details plus three colour photos in presentation folder AUS 5
 1975 V0LVO75-1 244 GL – black & white press photos – car in showroom and car at seashore SWE 2
1995/96 VOLVO80-1 Volvo Journal (incorporating Renault Revue) magazines – two issues – Winter 1995 and Summer 1995/96 – Volvo section is 24-page plus 16-page Renault section. AUS  


Volvo 240/260 – 40pp, 4clr  21 x 28cm ASP/PV 7550-80 Australian AUS 5
1995/96 VOLVO95-1 Volvo Journal (incorporating Renault Revue) magazines – two issues – Winter 1995 and Summer 1995/96 – Volvo section is 24-page plus 16-page Renault section. AUS  
1996 VOLVO96-1 Volvo 850 – 50 page, full colour, lavishly illustrated brochure – printed in Australia in 1996 AUS 5
1996 VOLVO96-2 Volvo 850 AWD (All Wheel Drive) wagon – 8 pages – 4 clr – plus press releases – MS/PV8397-97 English/EU – PLUD 4 page Awards newsletter in colour “Volvo Tops The List Again’ featuring awards won by Volvo since 1991 SWE 5
1996 VOLVO96-3 100 page booklet “Volvo 1927 – 1996”  – Lavishly illustrated with photographs of all models, statistics including dates of manufacture, number built and specifications of each model – This is a must for any Volvo enthusiast. Ref No. PR/PV 960203 – English language SWE 8
1997 VOLVO97-1 Media kit for Volvo 850 Bi-fuel car plus full information on natural gas fuels – colour photo – presentation folder and includes a copy of the 16-page Volvo International Inhouse Magazine AUS 3
1997 VOLVO97-2 70th Anniversary calendar – with 11 410mm x 220mm  photos of milestone Volvo cars and one montage picture of the founders and early scenes of Volvo. The prints are suitable for framing. SWE 12
1999 VOLVO99-1 S40 / V40  – 58 page – 4 clr – plus photos, specifications – plus 4 page flyers for S40 Luxury SE Pack and S40 T4 / V40 T4 performance models – in presentation folder AUS 8
2003 VOL2003-1 Volvomagazine – featuring 50 years of 007; new S40 – 70-page full colour magazine – Australian edition printed in UK – Earlier editions for the past five years also available. AUS 2
 1965 Z002 The Zeta was a small economy car built by the Lightburn Company in South Australia (the company’s main core business was making concrete mixers and domestic washing machines!). The Zeta had a fibreglass body and was powered(?) by a tiny 2-stroke engine. Reverse gear was selected by turning off the engine and re-starting it in the opposite direction – unique, eh?      Black & white press photo shows the engine bay, open bonnet (hood), grille and front guards. Photo size is 155 x 210mm  AUS 5