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How to take advantage of high selling cars by keeping an eye on it

You must be amazed to see this title, but yes, it is like a smart play. By keeping a regular watch on monthly car sales, you can actually get a deal out of it. Key behind it is if you see a sudden spike in the sale of any particular model in it, be prepared my friend. If it is the model of your choice, then just hit the iron.

Now what is the loop hole behind it? Most car companies have a certain sales target across the globe. In this case, to meet the sales target, there is sudden pre booking for certain car models. Then most of these cars are passed as demo vehicles to dealers, but actually they are totally unused with 0 km usage.

Go here For best example Toyota has also done this for its locally made Camry within the first three months of sales year. Suddenly the found a high surge in sale in the month of December. Because of this, the car became no. 1 in sales ratings. After that to clear that Learning Driving Parramatta slashed. Such tactics are made by car companies to affect the mind set of people positively and maintain their brand value.

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If you see, the Camry was not even in top 10 during the year sale and by the last month it became the best seller. The same tactics were done by Mitsubishi ASX. So everything is just about sales whether it is in real or just unreal figures.

So the vehicle is actually declared as sold, but in reality it is still waiting for the buyer to take it home. Many cases are there, where dealers register it themselves and then keep them in yard for sales.

You can contact your nearest dealer with highest sold cars of the models and ask him for the best quote. Undoubtedly, you will get the best price from him as ultimately now, he has to get rid of it anyhow.

Learners DriverYou can get a huge price difference in such cases. But there is always a con with a pro. Here, the warranty starts as soon as the car is declared registered. In this case, you can’t claim the warranty period that is lapsed. Visit academyofroadsafety.com.au if you are a smart watcher and contact the dealer immediately, then you are at a safer side to miss the period of warranty by some days or a month.

So smart playing is the only key when you wish to buy the model of your choice.


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