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What safety features should be there in a latest car?

Everyone wants their car to be as safe as possible, of course, but do you exactly know, which feature will make it the best safety featured car?

Safety System can be split into 3 options as per ANCAP (the Australasian New Car Assessment Program)

Structural integrity: How the structure holds around you, at the time of any crash or accident.

Safety Assist Technologies – propelled frameworks that help the driver dodge an accident by and large, or if nothing else confine its seriousness, including the Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), and Fatigue Monitoring Systems (FMS). Also you can do safe driving course at Sydney  for your safety.

Safety features

Safety Features – airbags, Electronic Stability Programs (ESC) and Antilock Braking Systems (ABS

ANCAP gives star appraisals to most new cars sold in Australia, however the way that the larger part of them get five out of five stars implies you truly need to investigate a bit more.

To drive well, and securely, you require better than average vision

Points to be taken care of

  1. You should have good vision and comfortable with ease in sitting position
  2. Size of the car also matters, but you need to be comfortable with the size of the car

The Rear view is always important

  1. Reverse cameras are intended to spare the lives of kids in car parking and garages

The NRMA prescribes you check ANCAP and the Used Car Safety Ratings, and select just five-star appraised vehicles.

Electronic Stability Control, now made mandatory by law in new cars, is as imperative and seismic a wellbeing component as the first safety belts.

ESC prevents a car from sliding. It helps the driver maintaining control over the car. Thestability control programs can screen the position of your car from the accident prone object and apply the brakes to within wheels and/or diminish energy to keep you in a straight line,avoid a large number of accidents each year

The other component that truly guarantees safety is Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).

It is not implemented in many vehicles, but it is giving great results so far.

Safety features in car

The City Safety feature can automatically detect an impending accident and apply the brakes, at a particular speed to avoid any major hazards. This system is more focus on avoiding accidents than safety after an accident. If you want to learn driving then  you can go to best driving school like  onroad driving school blacktown. Most Probably ANCAP will make AEB compulsory by 2017. In European countries, AEB is given as a package of Eyesight safety package.

Fatigue monitoring System (FMS) is presently available in premium vehicles only. With time, they will stream down to common vehicles too. FMS function depends on simply monitoring your steering inputs and pedal movements.

Few more technologies such as blind spot and lane departure warning are also some good features to be considered for safety. This features can be helpful for the aged people, who find it difficult to turn head. If you want to know about ACT public holidays then you can do best planning.

We have listed out total features to be taken into account while considering safety of a car. Make your driving a happy driving experience with these features.


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