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Traffic Rules in Australia

Once you are on the road, you need to know the road and traffic rules of Australia. So let us explore and be a good visitor or citizen of Australia.

· If you are getting used to the new location and adjusting to the traffic speed and driving slow, you need to stay left and visit Marrickville.

· On highway, freeway you should drive on the left side only until and unless you are overtaking. There are road signs to guide you always.

· If you are crossing through an intersection or entering an intersection, then drive through the right is the one to take the road first. If they are stopped by a STOP or YIELD sign, then the left one can decide. At T junctions the one who is driven straight through has first priority.

· You are not encouraged to blow horn here. Using horn is only allowed when you are trying to alarm another motorist if he is about to bang you.

Parking Rules and Regulations

· In a residential area, the speed limit is 60 kmph (35mph). But in some area of Sydney it has been reduced to 50 kilometers per hour. There may be chances that some other cities have adopted lower speed than this as per traffic density. You will always find a speed signal. On Sydney’s M4 speed is already reduced.

· In NSW speed limit of 50 km/h is accepted as an urban speed limit. But the streets for traffic movements have a speed limit of 60 km/h or it can be faster, even if there are residences on the road.

· Drink and drive is strictly not allowed. Learning driving test also necessary. Tolerable limit is below 0.05 alcohol level in blood.

· No exemption from wearing the seatbelts for both driver and passengers.

Details about the road signs

No Stopping: You can’t stop in the area with this sign unless there is a medical emergency.

No Standing: Here you cannot park your car certainly, but even you can’t stand your car unnecessarily unless you are letting someone in or off the car.

Rules for driving

No Parking: Who doesn’t understand this? Yeah, but you can hold the steering and wait till the time someone is off boarding or getting in.

LOADING AND UNLOADING ZONE: If you are delivering or picking up some cargo, then you can stop here and deliver your item. You should drive a UTE, truck, wagon or van. In case, you are driving a passenger car, you have to show the reason, why you have parked and what you are delivering?

BUS ZONE: This area is strictly for buses.

TAXI ZONE: This area is strictly for taxis.

When you are passing through toll ways, have the change ready to pass through it. Many vehicles are now getting fitted with transponders, which allow them to pass through the gates without gates. Transponders with e tags (temporary e-way passes) are also available at some toll gates. The encoded magnetic card is available at many toll ways.


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